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Here’s our new video and single, a bonus track we recorded to mark the end of another big tourist season down here on the Mornington Peninsula.
The song came together after talking with the people working in retail, local residents, and our own experiences.
It seems a lot of folks have a similar story – they appreciate the economic benefits that tourism brings to the peninsula, but unfortunately some of the visitors bring with them a lack of courtesy and respect for the area and the people who live here all year round.
The fleas come with the dog, so consider this a bit of musical flea powder, four minutes designed to give locals a smile and some visitors cause to rethink their behaviour.
Recorded and mixed by Dave Walker at Fourbuck Studios on the Peninsula.
Mastered by Simon Polinski.
The Dave Walker Band – Drums: Paul Ryan, Bass: John Edgar, Keys: Dylan Walker, Grooves and sounds: Junji Masayama, Violin: Greg Hunt, Backing Vocals: Amanda Masayama, Vocals and guitars: Dave Walker.

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Fake Hotel out now


Mornington Peninsula musician Dave Walker.
Singer. Multi-instrumentalist. Writer of songs. Maker of albums.
Fronts the Dave Walker Band.
Plays guitar in Destroy She Said.
Plays guitar and sings with Shanakee.
Is a recording and mixing engineer.
Teaches singing, guitar and songwriting.
Every day is music.
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October 25 2015:

Crowdfunding mission accomplished!

We’re done and we made it – what a fantastic outcome!
To those 55 wonderful people who donated their hard earned to help make our album a reality, thankyou. We raised $3,315 to get the record finished.
To everyone who shared and drummed up support for the campaign, thankyou.
To the people who reached out with some great advice, encouragement and good vibes, thankyou.
It’s humbling. Mixing starts in a week and we’re away!

September 27 2015:

We’ve launched our crowd funding campaign to get Fake Hotel mixed, mastered and released!

Any support you can give, even $5 will be much appreciated.


Watch the video:

August 20 2015:

The Dave Walker Band is in full rehearsal mode now – building towards some summer shows and the impending launch of Fake Hotel.

The album is being mixed with Simon Polinski; Paulie Ryan and DW climb on the back and hang on as the songs take shape. Sonic crafting.

Tender, considered. No corners cut. There’s a time to explore and a time to lock down.

Fake Hotel is another whistle stop on the road. Story songs, great grooves and hooky, melodic choruses. 

Narrow the focus, do that which makes you happy.

The Dave Walker Band from left to right: Dylan Walker keys, guitar and BVs, Amanda Masayama BVs, Junji Masayama beats, grooves and sounds, DW, Paul Ryan Drums, percussion, BVs,Greg Hunt Violin, mandolin, guitar, John Edgar bass and BVs.