52 songs

In 2012 I spent the year writing, recording and releasing a new original song every week.

Start on the Sunday and begin the process. Get to the following Sunday and upload a finished product.

52 songs sent out into the great wide world to fend for themselves. Plus one cover.

Why? Discipline. Honing my craft. Songwriting. Recording. Becoming a better musician. Being forced to let go of expectation.
Because I wanted to see if I could.

The end result? All of the above.

Honestly? Some songs are better than others. Some songs are recorded better than others. Some tracks sound like glorified demos and others sound slick. Some songs have made it into the set and onto Fake Hotel. Some songs will be on the next album. Some songs aren’t that great.

They’re all here in four albums worth of material. This is what I did in 2012.

Tracks 1-13:
Tracks 14-27:
Tracks 28-40:
Tracks 41-53: