Recording You

A mobile recording studio based on the Mornington Peninsula purpose built for flexibility and pro recordings.

Set up and record your project where you’re most comfortable. Let’s take pressure out of the equation and get the best possible recording, something you’ll love listening to now and in the future.

I quote your project on a per track basis – that means time becomes a concept and not a measuring stick by which your song needs to be completed.

Sometimes they fly out, sometimes they need space.

Your place or mine. I have access to a range of rooms on the peninsula we can use to track drums and all other instruments. I have accommodation/recording packages available in Rye, meaning you can record and stay in a beautiful two story house.

If we record at a location of your choice, I can come and move in for the negotiated length of time. We live it, immerse ourselves in it. It’s all part of the deal.

Minimal overheads – cost comes down which means you get more bang for your buck.

You’re working with a professional muso – a multi-instrumentalist with a proven track record in songwriting and production.

I can record anything – there’s no boundaries or limits to what we can try.

When you’ve got me, you’ve got me. Everything I record has to stand up because I won’t allow anything to come out that isn’t up to standard. We record and I mix until everyone’s happy.

I like all styles of music – acoustic to metal and everything in between, nothing is impossible.

I love making meditation and spiritual recordings – I have a daily meditation practice and live a good life. We’re on the same page.

In everything I do I bring a positive energy to the table. I’ve been on the other side of the microphone enough times to know how it feels when the engineer’s not engaged. I don’t let that happen.

  • Record 16 channels simultaneously
  • Fully portable rig, can record anywhere there’s power
  • Competitive rates for spoken word/meditation recordings
  • Choice of recording venues on the Mornington Peninsula or pick your own
  • Pro Tools 12 on Mac
  • Motu Preamps
  • Adam A7X monitors
  • SSL Plugins via Softube Console 1
  • Soundtoys Plugins
  • Rode NT1,2,3 and 5, Sennheiser 421, 602 and 604, Shure Beta Drum Mics, Mann M21.
  • Neumann, Schoeps and class A preamps on request
  • Composition and full production services

Contact me to have a chat about your project.

Recent albums I’ve recorded and/or mixed and/or produced: